The transition of my life with Pubg and VPN Part-7

VPN & Pubg

One of my friends came up with the idea of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). He said with the help of VPN, we can play pubg.

Playing pubg by using VPN is not ethically a correct one. Playing the game once in a while is not going to affect the Government or anybody seriously. Well, it's not going to hurt anybody if we follow the decorum & language during the game session.

Not only in pubg , Whether its an international level or national level game/sports, we should play fairly without abusing each other is always good.

Functioning of VPN

Whether it's an IOS or Andriod mobile, we can find plenty of VPN applications in the mobile play store.VPN makes the internet connection secured & encrypted in mobile. (Even applicable for computer)It hides the IP address of the phone by letting the server redirect it through a remote server. This remote server is a specially configured server that is hosted by a particular VPN host. (Hence location becomes untrackable) . Even our ISP (Internet service provider) can not see because the source of data is changed. Nobody can spy on you if you are using a VPN for internet surfing. Hence it provides such privacy so that any third party can not see our activity on the internet.

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Initially, we got the Pubg game link from the Korean version play store, next we installed a secured VPN app from the play store . Google play store provides a rating for all the apps (rating criteria is given out 5). We downloaded the VPN app, which rated above 4.5 out of 5. The least rated VPN can steal data and sell it. Choosing a proper VPN is the main criteria.

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After installing the VPN (We should make sure that the VPN is running in the background process), we noticed that the server was changed to some other country. Next Clicked on the Pubg game link from the Korean version play store & installed the game and played the game.

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VPN is not only for Pubg purpose, it's applicable in day to day life.

When we enter our credit card details into a shopping website, the information is encrypted and rendered unreadable until it reaches the end destination.

We can use public wifi without any problem(protection from any attack)

VPN makes public wifi very safe to use & secure. Public wifi is generally very less secure, any hacker can attack and steal your data from your device.

To be continued in next part-8



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