The transition of my life with Pubg and VPN Part-6

Common factor

During the quarantine, most of my age group friends were doing WFH & Some were jobless (due to Covid lost their job). The only common thing between WFH people & Jobless people is “Stress”. Jobless people had stress regarding their livelihood, whereas WFH people had stress regarding work pressure.

Stress reliever

Hence my friends started calling other friends & talk over the phone for many hours . Covid quarantine made a chance to interact with other people. In later, the interaction turned into Pubg.

My Squad days in Pubg

My squad consists of myself, 2 of my Pondicherry friends & my school days Rakhi brother Santhosh (Who is also an old student of my mom) . We had a lot of fun in-game by interacting with each other. In between my mom used to peep in between the game & talk with Santhosh in-game.

I also play with other squads also. Other squad includes me, my childhood friends & my college mates.

Well, we all used to interact in-game, get into new locations (Various maps) & travel by car & bike. It was kind of virtual reality.


In James Cameroon — Avatar movie “The genetically engineered Navi body is operated from the brain of a remotely located human that is used to interact with the natives of Pandora planet.” Similarly we, pubg players have the same feeling when we enter into the game.

Our bodies remain in the house but our souls occupy the pubg character. In Pubg world we are the real warriors.

We fight vigoursely

we die happily

Pubg gives a real transition in our lives.

Is Pubg Only For Youngsters & Jobless People?

There was a time when society divided games into girl’s games & boy’s games but now society’s outlook is totally changed. In recent times, I found that (Pubg) is a stress buster for housewives & IT Professionals, for my surprise Prohits also.

Ban Of Pubg In India

During September month 2020, myself & my friends couldn’t enter into the game. There was an error message popping up. We had no idea, why we couldn’t enter into Pubg. Through news, we came to know that Since there was some conflict going on between the China and Indian governments, Pubg has Tencent(a Chinese company) as one of its partners. So Indian government took a step and banned Pubg.

It was depressing for all of us.

To be continued in next part-7



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