The transition of my life with Pubg and VPN Part-4


As soon as my friend told me to install the game from the play store. I installed the Pubg. The (game file size) was more than 1.5 GB. The installation process took me around 2 hours. Finally, the game was installed on my mobile. I rang up my friend and told him that I installed Pubg.

PUBG Instructions & Guidelines

He told me to connect my headphones to my mobile. He was connected in the call.

He told me “Listen Subz, Log into Pubg by entering your Facebook account. For creating a Facebook account you need to sign up using your Email ID. Similarly, for Pubg you need to sign up using your Facebook account.”

I followed his instructions and created Pubg Account.

The next step was to select the character in Pubg. There was a boy character and a female character, well I chose the male character.

The next step is to choose the server option, there is a server ranging from North America to Korea. In the option, I selected Asia Server (We belong to Asia).

He explained to me about the tools & options, to the right bottom there is a symbol representing Mic & Speaker. When I tapped on the symbols of Mic & Speaker I could hear my friend voice (speaking) & my friend could hear my voice. ONE OF THE MAIN REASON FOR PUBG TO GAIN POPULARITY IS THE INTERACTION BETWEEN FRIENDS

He told me to cut the normal phone call & said here we can interact inside the game.

He explained to me that there are modes like Squad (which consists of 4 Players), Duo (Consists of 2 Players) & Single (Only 1 Single Player).

To be continued in next part-5

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