The transition of my life with Pubg and VPN Part-2

Pandemic Quarantine Depression

Last year 2020 due to the Covid issue quarantine was made compulsory. There were no shops, no malls and no industries were functioning. Even not allowed to go to nearby petty shop. I was wandering inside my house. There is no outer ventilation. I felt my social life was killed. Facebook, Instagram & TV become a boring element to me.

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Whenever I switch on to TV, Instagram & Facebook, the posts & news was all flooded up with Covid death cases. Which made me worry & sad.

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Infuriated Depression

As my mom is a teacher, she was busy with her online classes. I used to help her technically for the online class, like Creating google classroom, google meet link & holding the phone camera while she was writing & explaining mathematical concepts in Accounts.

Since I was guiding my mom during online class, I noticed there is no bonding between the teacher & student in the online class. Only the teacher is talking, students are silent. Even for the attendance, the students were not opening the mouth.

Some students couldn’t understand mathematical accounts concept in the online session. If it was a normal classroom class — Face to face session, the students would have grasped more. While explaining the accounts my mom used to shout and explain the terms infinity times. Soon after the online class, she gets exhausted. The work pressure was more for her, I could feel her pain working for the salary. Due to Covid, my dad lost his job. My mom was running the family-like One man army.

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Another issue was that my both parents are aged person. My mom was physically weak & mentally upset due to work stress. Her body was not cooperating with the mind. Due to loud audible voice out explanation in the online class, her vocal cord got affected simultaneously more time consumption in phone & computer led her eye damage.

During the few hours of free time, I used to call my parents for playing the indoor game. But they don’t show interest, [as I mentioned that they are an aged couple (59 & 66 years) ] because there is a large amount of difference between me (25 years) & my parents-Generation gap. My way of ideology & enjoyment was different from my parents. Being a single girl child to my parents was a little tough. I don’t have a sibling to play with or share my feelings

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This whole scenario & incidents led me to depression. I was psychologically upset, my nights were sleepless. I used to cry during nights in the bathroom.

To be continued in next part 3




I think all writing is a disease.You can't stop it. Writing is an exploration, you start from nothing and learn as you go.

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Subashini Nagarajan

Subashini Nagarajan

I think all writing is a disease.You can't stop it. Writing is an exploration, you start from nothing and learn as you go.

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