The transition of my life with Pubg and VPN Part-1


What is love? Some say love is a connection between souls. Some say food is love (food lovers). Some say pets are their love. Well, Love has more dimensions. One of the uncategorized dimensions of love is Pubg. Those who are unaware of the Pubg game or non-gamers may consider Pubg is after all a game. But for a Pubg player, it’s not just a game, it’s an emotion. There is a proverb saying “Everything is fair in Love and war”. Pubg Satisfies the proverb, there is love and war in Pubg.


Does Conscious Exists In Society

There is a constructed belief or theory in our society -Mechanical jobs are meant for gents, Virginity factor is merely for women not for men. By 25 women should get married, by 30 have a child and similarly, a girl child play with soft toys like Teddy bear & Barbie doll whereas a boy child plays with toys like remote car & robotic toys. When a girl child is born, initially parents buy Teddy bear or Barbie doll for their child to play with it, When a boy child is born parents buy a remote car or robotic gadget stuff based toy. We are all living in this system without ever questioning and those who question are silenced and ostracized. Some live in fear of being outcast and outlined.


During my childhood, I demanded a Video game set — Console & game card (those days Super Mario game was popular) and also a western outfit (Jeans). This conversation with my mom was overheard by my relative. My relative interrupted mom & my conversation, Said that “These are boys’ stuff, girl child should be bought up like a girl child. Don’t encourage your daughter like buying these things. Instead buy for her a soft toy, blouse & skirt (Paavadai Sattai) Outfit ”. I had a question in my mind, why is my relative talking like this? Why a girl is only supposed to wear a blouse and skirt outfit, not allowed to play the video game? why are things segregated like boy stuff or girl stuff?

Later I asked my mom about this entire chatter. My mom replied, “Let them (relative) talk about what they want, that’s their way of thinking . Well you asked for the Video game & Jeans, I will buy them for you as soon as the salary comes”.

Spark Of Pubg In My Life

After my college days, Pubg — Player Unknown Battleground was launched in Feb 2018. During those days I was completely unaware of the game. I heard the game name called Pubg because someone around me was playing the game. The majority population around me were the boys, who were playing the game. When I was travelling in the MTC bus, I noticed some group of boys were playing Pubg and the majority of the girls were wearing headphones and listening to songs. I just peeked into the neighbour phone (Boy who was playing Pubg). I saw that some sought a man like animation running with a gun. I couldn’t understand anything, why is the animation man running with a gun? I also noticed that boy’s face is filled with happiness & excitement.


From this incident, I got an interest to play the game. But unfortunately, I don’t know to play the game. I asked my friend (guy) to teach me the game, but the time constrain was not favourable to both of us.


To be continued in next part 2

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