A new struggle, a new lesson, new life.

My mother is 58 years old and 30 years experienced teacher. Online classes made her an expert in google meet, google forms and jam board etc. At this age it possible. Necessity is the mother of invention.

But online class all the students have given the freedom to listen or not. Some students switch on their mobiles and disappear. Some switch off mic and video, sleeping or eating.

I often hear these sentences “Do you hear me?” “Are you able to see the Ppt?” “Are you able to see me?” This shows classes are going on.

Online test-It is a mere waste. It is only copied and paste by the students.

Alas! Classes for students but teachers are the learners-Techno savvy

Only the eager is the learner, lazy become lazier and laziest.

“Rain or shine pandemic,panoramic-Learners have always Lessons.”

Work pressure of working women

Lockdown,traffic-less road but the heart of a teacher bounce like a cricket ball in the pitch (especially-a female-mother of a family, working in a private institution).

The role of a woman is praised in the stage-the male orator gets clap. Again the women life go back to the same position just like the election propaganda assurance. A woman has to perform the “role of a mother, duties of a wife, timely work of a servant, breadwinner of the family, obedient worker of the organization.”

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This is not a character in the TV serial, but the real-life of a private employee especially a private school teacher in this pandemic condition. Private concerns exploit more work. WFH (Work from home) is a favourable tool for the management, to get the job of various branches by a single person. Some staff get half of the salary in the souring price condition. Some lose their job.

Private schools of big banner charge more from the parents and pay less to the teachers. Of late, aged teachers are pressurized to come to school at their own expense to teach through their own mobile and the network of their own cost-but without students. Otherwise, they are sent out by term aged but forgetting the term experienced.

The government supports the arrear students of the college but never think about even the survival of private school teachers.

Miserable to reasonable

This is one of the case studies: Recently an aged teacher purchased a new board at his own expense and started taking the class through his mobile (Online).

But the students started to shout, howl, tease and noise with abused language. The teacher’s blood pressure shot up and ended up with mental pressure. This is a scene only in private schools, which are in the fray of competing for the educational industry.

By regular and forced use of the screen, most of the teacher's eyesight is affected. Some of the teachers are chucked off from the job. But they do the role of hawkers and peddlers lead the life without misery. WHERE DOES THE EDUCATION WORK?

On the other side, it is worse than pandemic i.e the word pathetic. Students who don't attend the class almost lost the habit of educational learning, afraid to face any exam and commit suicide. Ending life is not an ending problem. They should learn not only education from teachers but also “LIFE LESSON, HOW TO LIVE”.

Teachers may lose the JOB but not the HOPE.

I think all writing is a disease.You can't stop it. Writing is an exploration, you start from nothing and learn as you go.