Bitcoins/Cryptocurrency change the future of Indian E-Commerce

Video Credits: Blockgeeks Youtube Channel
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Image Credits: Google Images
  1. All governments impose digital transactions.
  2. Payment through net banking.
  3. Registration, ticket booking, purchase etc through online.
  4. Now every second person in the cities at least do 1 purchase daily….food, medicine, grocery or anything.
  5. Since cryptocurrency is a digital currency, the transaction is applicable & possible only by online. So cryptocurrency is the apt money for E-Commerce.
  6. As it is a virtual currency neither government permission is required nor governments can ban this. So the existence is stable and assured.
  7. Now it is mining. People are tempted to invest a small amount of any currency as bait & catch a giant shark of high valued cryptocurrency within a short period.
  8. Now many countries accepted and declared the cryptocurrency can be used for paying wages & salaries to employees and other transactions. Petrol bunk and others declared-announced the acceptance of cryptocurrency.
  9. Indian government & courts also recognize and approved, permitted transactions. The Indian government furthermore is going to amend the taxation for digital transactions. So it is knowingly or unknowingly legalized.
  10. There are only 197 countries in the world: but there is a minimum of 900 well-accepted cryptocurrencies are existing. So within a decade, almost everyone will have cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, all the common people are necessitated to accustom with the use of crypto and the transaction system which may lead to end up with e-commerce trade every now and then.
  11. On the basis of necessity and possibility by the cryptocurrency, the growth rate is enormous for e-commerce.
  12. Even banks may follow and exchange for our money
  13. Like Phone pe, hawkers, peddlers, shops and malls government and non-governments,” fish to plane” everything will be under E-commerce business.
  14. Unlike money or credit/debit cards. The cryptocurrency transacted through the wallet cannot be cancelled. So all sellers will prefer only crypto currency-so also by the net transaction (E-Commerce).In fact, sellers may declare more benefits like bonuses, price discounts, discount coupons etc for the cryptocurrency payments.
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I think all writing is a disease.You can't stop it. Writing is an exploration, you start from nothing and learn as you go.

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Subashini Nagarajan

Subashini Nagarajan

I think all writing is a disease.You can't stop it. Writing is an exploration, you start from nothing and learn as you go.

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