Pubg Indian Version

Pubg sensation has transcended beyond the limits of casual gaming and has a growing competitive scene. The game has established a massive player base in India. So Tencent planned to release -Pubg Indian version.

Well still we play Pubg, but we are not addicted.

In Tamil, there is a proverb “ Alavukku Minjinal Amirthamum Nanju”, the meaning of the proverb is too much of even a good thing can be harmful.

Common factor

During the quarantine, most of my age group friends were doing WFH & Some were jobless (due to Covid lost their job). The only common thing between WFH people & Jobless people is “Stress”. Jobless people had stress regarding their livelihood, whereas WFH people had stress regarding work pressure.

Stress reliever


The demand for mobility and flexibility has been achieved in the corporate world by the use of dynamic protocol in order to have an ease transfer of data from one interface to the other.

Here is the overall description of what Dynamic Virtual Private Network means, What are its advantages…

Subashini Nagarajan

I think all writing is a disease.You can't stop it. Writing is an exploration, you start from nothing and learn as you go.

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